Effective Solutions with Incredible Results

We strive to provide the best possible results in our field. We are constantly adapting to new techniques and staying up to date with everything healthcare and business related. We understand that falling behind is incredibly easy in today's world and we want to provide you the tools and assistance to make sure you are never overwhelmed in performing your duties. We promise nothing less than excellence in both solutions and the results that follow.

Double Edged Care

We take care very serious. We want to be available to take care of our clients' needs every step of the way in a moments notice. We know that every minute taken to deal with back office work is meaningful time spent away from your patients and your life outside of work. We like to think that taking care of your business needs allows you to take care of others and enjoy life!

We Promise You the Best

There will NEVER be a time that you will be put on a time schedule or put in a queue for service with us. We promise that we will ALWAYS be available whenever YOU need us, no matter how long a solution takes to complete and no matter what time of the day, night, or week it is. We only want the best working with us and we relay that to our clients in order to provide them only the BEST​, nothing less. 

Practice Management

Learn more about how we efficiently and effectively regulate your practice.

Regulatory Compliance

Worried about being compliant? Let us take care of it.

Human Resource Management

Let us make sure you have the best people, best training, and smoothest running operations.

Revenue Cycle Management

Learn more about how we maximize reimbursement for services provided.


Learn more about how we maintain accurate provider profiles to ensure reimbursement.


Want to grow? Awesome. Just need ideas on patient out reach? We have you covered there also!

Practice Management

  • Healthcare Business Processes and Workflow

  • Extensive Dental/Medical Practice and Provider Performance Analysis

  • Principles of Provider Reimbursement

  • Healthcare Revenue Cycle Management

  • Principles in Medical and Dental Office Accounting

  • Healthcare Reform

  • Quality in Healthcare

  • Space Planning and Operational Flow

  • Business Continuity

  • Electronic Medical Records/Electronic Health Records (EMR/EHR)

  • Health Information Technology and Interoperability

  • HIPAA and Patient Data Security

  • Human Resource Management

  • Fraud and Abuse, as well as Corporate Compliance

  • Marketing and Business Relationships

  • Practice Management Software


Revenue Cycle Management

  • End-to-End Medical and Dental Billing

  • Fee Schedule Analysis

  • Procedural Coding Audit

  • Provider and Staff Training

  • Claims Management

  • Accounts Receivable Audits

  • Accounts Receivable Clean-Up

  • Collections

  • Eligibility Verification



  • Meaningful Use Audits

  • PQRS Preparation & Reporting

  • Accurate Coding and Billing Practices

  • Compliance in Provider Enrollment with Payers

  • Provider Documentation

  • Corporate Compliance

  • HIPAA Compliance

  • OSHA Compliance

  • Fraud, Waste & Abuse Compliance

  • False Claims & Anti-Kickback Compliance

  • Online Compliance Training & Monitoring

  • CMS Quality Payment Programs



  • Practice Start-Up

  • Provider On-Boarding

  • Contract Negotiations

  • Privileging

  • Attestations

  • Re-credentialing

  • Provider Demographic Maintenance

  • Provider Enrollment

  • CAQH Credentialing


Human Resource Management

  • Clerical & Clinical Personnel Recruitment and Training

  • Policies and Procedures

  • Handbooks Development

  • Employee Performance Analysis & Evaluations

  • Business Relationships

  • On-Boarding & Off-Boarding Assistance

  • Compensation Systems & Reporting

  • Job Descriptions



  • Strategic Planning

  • New Product/Service Development

  • Patient Surveying

  • Social Media Marketing Campaigns

  • Provider Networking

  • Web Site Development & Hosting

  • Referring Doctor Surveys

  • Practice Integration Strategies


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